July 1, 2022

Episode 22: Expose

This week, Brandon sits down with Dan Reid as they reflect on last week’s sermon. They discuss Jesus’ approach to engaging with people who were on the outside edges of society and how that can influence the way we engage with people today.




How Jesus Exposed Religion - 5:20

  • What the gospel says about how to find freedom.
  • How Jesus relates to those on the outskirts of society.
  • From “Are you good enough?” to “Are you bad enough?”


How We Can Live Out Christ’s Example - 20:01

  • How can we be like the Pharisees in our thinking?
  • Who can we invite into our lives that we may not have ordinarily walked alongside?
  • How does Jesus view the world and do we view it the same way?



  • “Don’t let your tool become a rule.”
  • “How much of your story is time spent with sinners?”
  • “When it comes to relationships [disgust] was not something on Jesus’ radar… Jesus didn’t apply that to people. Jesus was there in the dirt, in the lowest of lows with the people society would say ‘I’m disgusted by you.’”
  • There’s a big difference between being offended by behaviors and being disgusted by people.


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