May 27, 2022

Episode 17: Kingdom

This episode was recorded before the Uvalde shootings.


Brandon and Kevin bring a little humor and a lot of thought to this week’s episode of the CPC podcast. Listen in as they reflect on last Sunday’s sermon and how the book of Mark shows us that the Gospel is truly centered around the Kingdom of God.




Jesus’ Thesis - 4:41

  • The kingdom of God: how we’ve come to understand it today and what we may be missing.
  • What does it actually mean to be an evangelical?
  • New creation dynamics vs old creation dynamics

Misconceptions about the Kingdom of God - 22:38

  • Differences in the way we think about heaven
  • Understand repentance
  • What are the nets that we need to let go of?

Resources & References

  • Kairos - According to Strong’s Greek Concordance, kairos means time or season, and it is a noun used to represent a fitting season or opportunity, an occasion.
  • Evangelion - According to Merriam Webster: Late Greek euangelion, from Greek, good news, gospel.
  • The Evangelical Quadrilateral by David W. Bebbington
  • Metanoeo (or Metanoia) - to change one’s mind

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