April 22, 2022

Episode 13: Resurrection

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  • Date: April 17, 2022
  • Release Date: April 22, 2022
  • Hosts: Brandon Pasion and Kevin Sneed
  • Episode 13 - Resurrection


Podcast Summary 

On today’s episode of the CPC podcast, Kevin and Brandon take some time to debrief this past week’s service and dig a little deeper into resurrection.




Easter is about resurrection, not resuscitation - 4:30

  • Jesus was resurrected not resuscitated
  • Lazarus still died again
  • Life, death, burial, and resurrection


Present Age and the Age to Come - 6:15

  • Present Age: Human Evil, Natural disasters, Spiritual evil
  • The Age to Come: the new creation, all evil is dealt with, God has healed all that was broken
  • The age to come has started in the present and one day will be fully consummated in the future when all of that evil is done with.
  • We live in that tension between those two kingdoms


 Folk Theology - 14:15

  • We take them at full value without diving into it
  • Michael Angelo paintings
  • Heaven is God’s space, being in the presence of God
  • Adam and Eve and the Garden
  • Separation of Heaven and Earth
  • Revelation 21
  • What’s true of Jesus in the resurrection is true of us in the resurrection


Groaning and Labor Pains - 23:10

  • Anticipation of new creation
  • Winston the Sneed dog
  • Groaning Posture


Praying the Magic Prayer - 28:08

  • The Resurrection reshapes everything
  • Ordering our lives around the reality of the resurrection of Jesus
  • Repentance means “rethink”
  • It gives us meaning as Jesus trains us as we live in the reality of the Kingdom of God
  • Reorders our social relationships

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